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Privacy Policy

Unlike other companies who view your information as a company "asset" to be exploited by sharing it with other companies--we at Sasquatch Valley think your information is your intellectual property and we view sharing your information not only as a form of theft but also as a serious breach of professional business conduct & ethics.

We never sell, lend, lease or give away your information to anyone.

It's creepy when people spy on you, even if it's done just trying to sell you stuff.


Information is used only for internal purposes and will never be released to any outside party unless I am under a court order. When your information is collected it is used only to process your order, most companies routinley keep voluminous files forever to "profile" the customer. Other than making sure that I am protected from fraud. I keep the minimum amount of information required by law, which is soley for tax compliance purposes.

Too many companies keep way too much information on their customers that most often serves intrestes hostile to the customer. We do not collect or maintain databases full of shopping habits of our customers because this is little different than flipping through your personal diary. One large unnamed grocery store gave all the shopping records of it's customers it got from using those discount cards to the government without even being asked! Collecting and maintaining these records is just begging for some government bureaucrat to browse through. Unless you have a criminal record or the police have probable cause, no one should be the object of government scrutiny or notation. Respecting the meaning of the Fourth Amendment's prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures surely requires this. This company already collects sales taxes on behalf of the government with no compensation for the time and effort--we will not be spies or police investigators for them. We'd also have to increase our prices just to spend the time spying with each order.

Information on your order is held for the minimum amount required by law then it is shredded and/or burned.

The only law that says I need to keep your name and address is Washington State's sales tax exemption law. These records are held for 5 years and are only required for sales that do not pay tax (7.8%), if you want to pay the sales tax then I need keep no information about you on behalf the government.

The only other reason I keep information about you is to combat fraud. Information regarding your identity is essential with all transactions with high fraud risk such as credit cards, checks and money orders. So I keep records on these purchases soley for the purpose of knowing where it went in case the credit card comes back as stolen or the check/money order turns out to be forged. However, with e-gold or cash payments I do not keep track of who you are.

If you are concerned with your privacy and want to buy anonymously then use e-gold or cash and pay sales tax as if you were a Washington State resident.

All sales are entered in the permanent ledger just by amount paid, date, country, and postal code. This is just for tax compliance purposes but nothing in the ledger ties it back to you.

Worried About your Privacy while surfing the Web?